Soil Health Educational Pit

On Saturday, November 23 while many midshipmen both men and ladies cleared the former area of the Goshen Barn and old silo of vines, trees, and trash others began excavation of a Soil Health Educational Pit at Goshen Farm.

Picture 4319 – A Soil Health Educational Pit was constructed in the lower field near the parking lot area of Goshen Farm. This picture shows the general layout of the yet to be dug soil health pit.


Picture 4335 – The excavation by the MAG Midshipmen, will hopefully be used by K-12, college classes and other interested groups such as 4H to learn about soils, soil formation, and the geology of the area. The Goshen Farm Soil Health Pit is intended to meet the State of Maryland’s Outdoor Educational Curriculum requirements. Schools will thus utilize and meet the new State Environmental Literacy Program. Here several Midshipmen excavate the 8-foot by 6-foot by 4- foot deep educational pit.


Picture 4345 – Most of the workers down in the Soil Health Pit just before breaking for a pizza lunch at the Farm and then returning to the Academy. We really appreciate they strong volunteerism, hard work, and good stories while helping us at Goshen Farm.


Picture 4389 – Here the soil Health pit is nearing completion. The pit now excavated to the four-foot level with installed treated wooden steps allowing access into the pit. The stair railings are only partially complete pending final cutting of the post uprights and mounting of the final 2” X 4” top railing on both sides of the steps.


Eventually, the Soil Health Pit will be surrounded with a planted earth berm and a picket fence to provide safety.