Friends of Goshen Farm

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Friends of Goshen Farm

The Goshen Farm Preservation Society. Board has been hard at work to find a way to thank and recognize members and others who have given generously to support our efforts to realize the goals in our mission statement. In December, 2013 we finalized The Friends of Goshen Farm. This program acknowledges nonmember donations and members who have donated money beyond the membership fee and places these donations into categories named for Goshen Farm’s long history of ownership.

The Categories are as Follows:

  • Goshen Farm Heritage Circle – $2,500.00 donation(s) in a year
  • 1783 Circle – $1,783.00 donation(s) in a year
  • Morris and May Radoff Circle – $1000.00 donation(s) in a year
  • Carroll and Mary Brice Circle – $500.00 donation(s) in a year
  • Henry Tydings Circle – $250.00 donation(s) in a year
  • Richard Pettibone Gardiner Circle – $200.00 donation(s) in a year
  • Supporting Donor – $100.00 donation(s) in a year

Friends of Goshen Farm


Morris and May Radoff Circle
Roy and Rebecca Benner,
Louis and Sharon Biondi

Carroll and Mary Brice Circle
Stephen and Carolyn Derby,
Christina and Mark Roberts

Supporting Donors
Stuart and Karen Bailey,
Maureen and Mark Bennett,
Thomas and Margaret Brown,
Patrick and Laura Griffin,
Kenne Miller and John Lynch,
Mary Ellen and James McCrea


Goshen Farm Heritage Circle
Louis and Sharon Biondi


Henry Tydings Circle
Barbara Gallagher,
David and Kathryn Schulke

Richard Pettibone Gardiner Circle
Stephen and Carolyn Derby

Supporting Donors
William C. Anderson,
Maureen and Mark Bennett,
Linda M. Callahan and Thomas L Callahan,
John and Cynthia Clough,
Rodney and Patricia Frederick,
Pat and Laura Griffin,
Dr. Earling Joseph Lamp


1783 Circle
Louis G. & Sharon S. Biondi

Carroll and Mary Brice Circle
Michael M. X. Buchet and Linda Beck,
JoAnn and Donald Sharpe

Henry Tydings Circle
Patty Feldt and Karen Boyle,
Dr. Earling Joseph Lamp,
Christina and Mark Roberts

Richard Pettibone Gardiner Circle
Bullock Family Revocable Living Trust,

Supporting Donors
Mark S. & Maureen H Bennett,
Patty Feldt & Karen Boyle,
Stephen and Carolyn Derby,
Beatrice and Frederick Griffith,
Patrick & Laura Griffin,
Dan Helgerman Sr., Shirley and Daniel T. Helgerman Jr.,
Mary Ellen & James S. McCrea,
William and Kathleen Nevel,
Mark A. & Christina G. Roberts,
David & Rhonda Titus


Morris & May Radoff Circle
Michael M.X Buchet & Linda Beck, Terry and Susan Brandon

Carroll and Mary Brice Circle
Donald & JoAnn Sharpe

Supporting Donors
John and Cynthia Clough, Carolyn and Steve Derby, Patricia Feldt & Karen Boyle, Frederick N. & Beatrice C. Griffith, Dr. Earling Joseph Lamp, Daniel McCrady, Mary Ellen and Jim McCrea, William and Kathleen Nevel, CDR John P Simpson & Guislaine Simpson


Carroll and Mary Brice Circle
Dr. Earling Joseph Lamp

Henry Tydings Circle

Richard Pettibone Gardiner Circle
Barbara Gallagher

Supporting Donors
Eugene & Elaine Barnhart, Louis & Sharon Biondi, Cynthia Clough, Rodney & Patricia Frederick, Pat & Laura Griffin


Morris & May Radoff Circle
Mike Maggio

Henry Tydings Circle
Suzanne Acosta, Karen Boyle and Patty Feldt, and Stephen and Carolyn Derby

Richard Pettibone Gardiner Circle
Juan Centeno

Supporting Donors
L.C. and Betty Jo Davidson, Stacey Early, Carle (Pete) & Mandy Johnson, Amy Juras, Audrey Lengbeyer, Orlando Ridout IV, Robert & Anne Rose, and Stefanie Schwenk

2007 - 2013

We would like to thank the following individuals for their loyal and generous support from 2007
– 2013:
Jack & Stephanie Anderson,
Stuart & Karen Bailey,
Gene & Elaine Barnhart,
John Berley,
Mark & Maureen Bennett,
Louis & Sharon Biondi,
Terry & Susan Brandon,
Karen Boyle & Patty Feldt,
Jason Brown,
Thomas & Margaret Brown,
Michael Buchet & Linda Beck,
Juan Centeno,
Cynthia Clough,
Robert Corletta,
L.C. & Betty Jo Davidson,
Stephen & Carolyn Derby,
David & Kristin Draper,
Stacey Early,
Judy Feldt & Randy Bennett,
Rod & Trish Frederick,
Sam & Barbara Gallagher,
Patrick & Laura Griffin,
Jeffrey Harding,
Doris Hazel,
Vicky Jenkins,
Diane Jennings,
Carle & Mandy Johnson,
Amy Juras,
Chris Knotts,
Audrey Lengbeyer,
John Lynch,
James & Margaret Maillett,
James & Mary Ellen McCrea,
Kenneth Miller,
Barbara Morgan,
Clint & Lisa Peterson,
Orlando Ridout IV,
Mike Robinson,
Bob and Anne Rose,
Joan Roscoe,
Stephanie Schwenk,
Diane Velozo,
David & Kelly Sloskey,
Stephanie Schwenk,
Dan & Jeanne Tester,
Stephanie & Matthew Tuck,
David Radoff Zimmerman