Become a Goshen Farm Member

Are you passionate about preserving history and fostering community engagement? Become a member of the Goshen Farm Preservation Society (GFPS) today! Both Individual and Household memberships are available, covering family members residing in your home. For a reasonable yearly fee, you become part of local history by contributing to the protection and restoration of this historic treasure. Join the GFPS community today, and let’s work together to preserve and cherish this historical gem. Your support makes a meaningful difference! It’s easy to get started:

Step One

Download Membership Form

Click below to download & print our Membership Form.

Step Two

Mail Your Membership Form

Send your completed form c/o Membership Committee to:

1223 River Bay Road
Annapolis, MD 21409

Step Three

Pay Membership Fee Online



Easy Membership Renewal

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What Does GFPS Membership Offer You?

  • Deductible Annual Fee: Your annual fee is tax deductible, contributing to a worthy cause.
  • Stay Informed: Members are the first to know about evenrts, progress, challenges, and successes.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Get notified about volunteer opportunities for events, cleanups, fundraisers, and administrative tasks.
  • Discounts: Enjoy discounts on event tickets and merchandise, making your membership even more valuable.
  • Sharing Garden Plot Opportunities: Able to rent a plot, depending on availability, from the Sharing Garden plot for those with a green thumb.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Consider chairing a committee or joining the Board of Directors to have your voice heard and make a meaningful impact.
  • Immediate Involvement: As a new member, you can get involved as soon as your membership becomes active. We have a dedicated team of volunteers and Members, but there’s always more work to be done to preserve and restore Goshen Farm.
  • Insurance Requirement: To participate in volunteer work on the property, it’s essential to be a current member of GFPS for insurance reasons.