Anne Arundel Community College ESL Students Visit Goshen

Catherine Waterman, Instructional Specialist for Curriculum, English Language Learning and Adult Education, and Mary Applegate, the Intermediate ESL Listening & Speaking Instructor, brought 8 (of 9) ESL students to Goshen Farm for a outdoor classroom session and tour of the house and grounds.

In a thank-you email to Roy Benner and Terry Brandon, Ms. Waterman wrote, “The fieldtrip, including the mini-bus ride, and pizza lunch, was a total success, and totally enhanced by your docent tours of both the historic house and the sharing garden with 64 plots now, the Hoop house full of tomatoes, the Eagle Scout’s beehive area, the new fruit trees, and the growing Slave Kitchen Garden. The students loved recognizing the plants and walking about the lush areas. They asked us when the next fieldtrip would be. Thank you, thank you both. We all learned so much!”