Dr. George Arlotto Visits Goshen Farms

On April 21, 2015, Dr. George Arlotto, Superintendent of Anne Arundel County Public Schools spent almost three hours out of a very busy schedule and toured Goshen Farm. It just so happened that at the same time, Ms. Diane Velozo’s (who is Primary Lead/Green School Chair at Cape Elementary) had a third grade class planting their plot in the Sharing Garden. Also at the farm was Ms. Michelle Weisgerber, Signature Program Facilitator for the Broadneck H.S. Environmental Literacy Program who had her students and the students from Ms. Patty Savannah’s Botany class rotating through the Soil Health lecture, tree identification exercise, and a composting discussion.

Goshen Farm Board Members, Roy Benner, Becky Benner, Terry Brandon, Sharon Biondi and Louis Biondi provided Dr. Arlotto information on the history of both Goshen Farm and the Goshen Farm Preservation Society, Inc., including the Society’s negotiations and lease with the Board of Education. Board Members were joined by Dean Cowherd, Assistant State Soil Scientist, Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA, who conducted several soil health lectures and the Soil Pit dug by the Midshipmen Action Group.

Miriam Stanicic, Community Relations Director, Office of Public Affairs and Goshen Farms liaison with the Midshipmen Action Group; Hilary Catan, Project Manager, Stream Restoration Grant, AACPS; C. Jane Cox, Cultural Resources Division, AACo, Department of Planning and Zoning; Tanya Marushak, ‎Teacher Specialist, and Melanie Parker, Coordinator, Environmental Literacy and Outdoor Education, AACPS were also on hand to brief Dr. Arlotto.

At the end of his visit, Dr. Arlotto said he would like as many students as possible to experience Goshen Farm and the activities he had seen during his visit. He also agreed to meet with members of the GFPS, Inc. Board to discuss how Goshen Farm can become an increasingly important public education asset.