Here are some pictures for our second Midshipmen Action Group (MAG) “Workday at the Farm” held on March 22, 2014.  We had 21 Mids spend the entire morning helping to clear vines and trees from an area to expand the Sharing Garden for four additional plots and for a ‘High Tunnel’ Greenhouse (24’ X 30’) which will be constructed north of the existing Sharing Garden and just west of the Servant’s Quarters.
Please see these four pictures that show some of the excellent work that took place on Goshen Farm with the assistance of our other partners, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District.
This photo shows the future Sharing Garden expansion area slatted four new garden plots. Note the evasive that have strangled the area where the new plots will be.
This photo shows most of the rampant growth has now been removed and the first sections of the relocated Garden Fence are being installed by energetic Midshipmen both men and ladies.
This photo shows Midshipmen cleaning out the previously dug Education Soil Health Pit.  The excavated soil serves as a berm to direct surface water from entering the excavated pit.  Several sections of Stockade Fence partially Donated by the Fence and Deck Connection have been installed surrounding this area.  The earth berm was later seeded with native plants (five varieties) and mulched with straw to assist in germination and to prevent soil erosion.
This photo shows that the Midshipmen as well as other workers and educational speakers chowing down on Pizza, jointly provided by the         Naval Academy and the Anne Arundel Soil Conservation District.  A good day of work, learning (discussions on Ground Penetrating Radar and Maryland Soils) were enjoyed by all and much work was donated to the Goshen Farm.
Our new expanded Sharing Garden now has 62 Garden Plots and the Educational Soil Health Pit is ready for all to learn about Maryland soils.