My best assistant (Becky) has been helping me clear some trees with their attached covering of vines, just outside and to the west of the Sharing Garden. This will eliminate a great deal of late afternoon shade some of the northern plots were experiencing last summer. It may look like a wild Beaver was at work, but truly it was a planned clearing of mostly stunted and/or dead trees. The vines have clearly smothered many of these trees and continue to do so. I have attached several pictures that may show our recent work.

Picture #2043: Before any cutting, note the maze of vines.

Picture #2096: Initial cutting of the first group of vines and trees.

Picture #2115: Count the vines. More cutting up around the corner of the fence, not easily seen in this view.

Picture #2130: View along the fence after Beavers attacked the woods.

Roy – Grounds Chair