Matching Grant Update – Maryland Capital Grants Program

On May 26, 2020, the Goshen Farm Preservation Society was awarded a state grant of $60,000 for the crucial task of stabilizing the foundation of the historic Goshen Farm House. This grant was made possible through a bond initiative enacted by the General Assembly and signed by Governor Larry Hogan. The initiative, known as the Maryland Capital Grants Program, was co-sponsored by State Senator Ed Reilly and State Delegate Heather Bagnall.

The Matching Grant Funds

As a matching grant, the Maryland Capital Grants Program requires the Society to contribute an amount equal to the grant, which amounts to $60,000. To maximize the benefit of the grant, the Society aims to raise the matching funds. So far, the grant funds have been utilized to enlist the services of McCon Engineering, allowing for the creation of detailed engineering drawings and a comprehensive Statement of Work for the upcoming stabilization project. The contract for the stabilization work is currently in development.

Additionally, with the engineering firm’s strong recommendation, the Society utilized grant funds to replace plywood coverings over the windows with temporary windows. This measure improves airflow within the house and allows natural sunlight to enter the premises.

However, before the Society can proceed with awarding a contract for the crucial foundation stabilization, it must have the matching funds of $60,000 secured in the bank. Every contribution towards accomplishing this milestone in preserving the historic Goshen Farm House is deeply appreciated by the Society.

How You Can Help!

Join us in preserving the rich history and heritage of the Goshen Farm! Your contribution will directly support the crucial foundation stabilization project, ensuring this historic landmark stands tall for future generations. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a significant impact. Please help us reach our goal by donating today and becoming a part of the legacy that keeps Goshen Farm alive. Together, we can safeguard this treasured piece of history and ensure its continued existence for years to come. Donate via PayPal, and select Matching Grant in the drop-down. You can also send a check to 1223 River Bay Road, Annapolis, MD 21409. Please make sure to put Matching Grant in the memo line. Thank you!