Here are four photographs of the newest Eagle Scout Project constructed at Goshen Farm. Jeff Bailey (Eagle Scout candidate) is the builder and designer of this new Bulletin Board/Bench located in the lower field near Walking Trail Site #1. This structure sits just inside the GFPS’s property near the walking entrance from the Cape St. Claire Athletic Fields. Jeff built most of the structure in his dad’s garage, then finished the installation and construction over the past several weeks. The Bulletin Board / Bench was nearing completion just in time for Thanksgiving (2012). The Bulletin Board/Bench is well constructed of treated lumber with a locking bulletin board, covered by a plexi-glass cover, all of which is protected from the weather by a large shingled roof overhead. The new Bench (attached to the bulletin board) will prove to be a great place to sit and rest while looking up towards the Goshen Farm House.

Picture #1 Bulletin Board/Bench Supports steadied in concrete


Picture #2 No – It only looks like a parking lot, but are some of the vehicles of the Eagle Scout’s helpers


Picture #3 Seating bench with locking bulletin board back above


Picture #4 A proud dad (Stu Bailey) looks on as the project nears completion