The Anne Arundel Public County Schools Enclave Program

Through the Enclave Program, Goshen Farm has provided students the opportunity to learn
about the care of plants from planting the seeds, to pruning, to harvesting vegetables. They learn to use garden tools and implements. Students work in their own plot in the Sharing Garden and in the hoop house, experiencing the wonder of growing vegetables in the dead of winter.  Enclave students have learned about the importance of pollination by visiting the apiary and about plant nutrition by using compost. They have learned about invasive species of plants by helping clear trees of vines. They have also helped maintain the paths around the house and garden by spreading wood chips. Working side by side with 3-4 Goshen Farm members, Enclave students learn about showing up prepared to work with appropriate clothing for all types of weather and they learn about working as a team with others. They also learn the satisfaction of completing needed projects on the property. The partnership between Goshen Farm and the Enclave program is a “win-win” for everyone.